Specialized Exchange for Sport Industry

We will bring a different perspective to the Sports and Crypto world with our special crypto exchange that we will create in the ecosystem and connect the Sports Industry and the Crypto World with the effort to provide reliable, healthy and best service to the users.

What is

Myteamex ?

Our Purpose To provide liquidity to its investors and supporters and provides an important opportunity to its investors and fans by ensuring that the coins issued by the public offering of the clubs are bought and sold in an organized market at the desired time, according to market supply and demand, in transparency.
As it is known, Sports Clubs generally earn their financing in ticket sales, club product sales, sponsors, transfers and stock returns on the stock exchange, but as they are associations, foundations or small-scale companies, the bureaucratic procedures required to integrate into any stock exchange should be paid for mandatory criteria. They stay away from these transactions, since their costs are quite high and they cannot legally switch to the incorporation process in many clubs.


New Generation Sport Exchange

An exchange for becoming a digital bridge between fans , investor and Sport Teams to create profit for each other.


2-factor authentication, rate-limiting, concurrent connection limits, advanced encryption technology and cold storage wallet environment

Fast Exchange

Seamless fiat deposits and withdrawals, facilitated by connectivity between platform and crypto-friendly banking institutions.

Strong Network

Myteamex built on the best technology and allows you to trade in any of the cryptocurrencies effortlessly, allowing you to enjoy more with different options.

Mobie Apps

Allows you to make transactions anywhere at any time with our reliable and effective mobile application

Customer Support

Experienced, multilingual customer support team with 24/7 Service

User Oriented

Aiming to be user-oriented Exchange with providing various investment opportunities

Advantages of


Preferring a stock exchange where only sports teams will be found instead of a stock exchange where all commercial companies are located helps only investors who are interested in this field to obtain and reach more clearly about the institutions they want to invest.
Providing liquidity to its investors and supporters, it provides an important opportunity to its investors and fans by ensuring that the coins issued by the public offering of the clubs are bought and sold in an organized market at the desired time, according to market supply and demand, in transparency.
Various information about the clubs whose tokens are traded on the Stock Exchange, is constantly transmitted to domestic and foreign investors through data broadcasting organizations, press and broadcasting organizations and other visual broadcasting organizations within the framework of the Exchange's transparency and public disclosure function.
This distribution of information will help to recognize clubs and club products both at home and abroad. Within the framework of the advantage of widespread recognition, it is possible to cooperate in the clubs operating both in the country and abroad and operating in the same sector, and by creating a joint venture, it is possible to work on similar subjects
Traded at the stock exchange brings together the club's media news and analysis, and investment and analysis reports written by brokerage firms. Within the framework of the exchange's transparency principle and public disclosure function, a lot of information about stock exchange clubs is conveyed to domestic and foreign investors through Exchange Bulletins, data broadcasters and media organizations. Financial and other important data of the clubs can be followed by investors as well as their creditors, suppliers and business partners.
The existence of reliable, regular and continuous information about the clubs increases the club's recognition in the financial market and in the field of sports it operates. This club provides benefits in financing, marketing and selling its products and services, providing qualified human resources and establishing business partnerships.
As clubs begin to be traded on the Stock Exchange, Clubs can easily export smart contracts for capital funding in foreign countries, so they can easily reach overseas markets.They can include users from all over the world and expand their network.
Unlike legal and illegal betting transactions, we aim for sports fans to make a sustainable profit by investing in the right area. Betting operations generally have no contribution to sports fans, football teams and federations. In this way, by eliminating the need for people's gambling, avoiding spending their savings on daily earning ambitions and investing in the club they are connected to, they will have built an economic model that sports fans and their team will gain.