Digital Network Solutions for Sport Industry

A mobile app which is intregrated to myteamcoin network to become a digital bridge between sport fans , investor whit sport clubs


It is a mobile application that builds on the network of sports societies and sports producers, consumption, shopping, digital marketing, income diversification, loyalty rewarding, community management and consumption data collection and analysis.

*Brand logos are used for demo version*

  • Get discounted price advantages from brands that sports clubs have contracted with
  • Increasing the gains of fans, sports club and brands with a Win and Win strategy
  • Rewarding the fans with loyalty points from their shopping
  • Increased fan engagement with the incentive to earn more loyalty points
  • Developing network systems with local and global brands
  • Creating customer data examining portfolio of services provided electronically stored analytically
  • Achieving better sales marketing services targets by personalizing prepared customer portfolios


It is a social media application where fans can organize on social media, express their needs and expectations from the clubs they are affiliated with, and increase the interaction of fans in groups opened by individuals and clubs.

  • A next generation social app for conversation of fans.
  • Fans can comment and like the posts of people they watch on their social media.
  • Fans can follow the news about the club they support instantly.
  • Fans can easily convey their opinions and wishes to the club by interacting with social media.
  • Fans can share pictures and content.


it is a hybird mobile application that Where users can store the crypto assets they want to keep in a secure virtual environmentand allows them to use any amount of existing crypto assets whenever they want, and also add their virtual cards.

  • Fans can exchange coins with friends peer to peer.
  • Fans can easily send any amount of coins they want, just like messaging each other.
  • It can be used as a storage wallet where fans can securely store their coins.
  • Fans can shop from contracted companies at a discount through their wallet.
  • Fans can add their own virtual cards to their wallets and pay with QR Code.