A smart token Generator Dapp to create specialized tokens WITHOUT need for coding knowledge on Binance Smart Chain

About Mercury
About Mercury

What is MYCGenerator ?

MYCGenerator is a dapp , builded on Myteamcoin Ecosystem in Binance Smart Chain to help anyone to create their tokens easly with speacialized features

A basic token without fees and reflection is useless anymore . Empower your project with MYCGenerator

Creating a specialized BEP20 token with auto liquidty , auto marketing and reward generator as reward with distribution of MYTEAMCOIN.

Simple and easy token generator platform on Binance Smart Chain

Easy to join Binance Smart Chain with a powerful smart contract and Have fun
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Liquidty Generator creates automatically divided fees from each transaction in contract and add that fees to your liquidty pool.Owner of the contract no need to sell their tokens to create higher liquidty. Higher liquidty provides to project higher trust and reduce the price impact

Marketing Generator creates automatically divided fees from each transaction in contract and add that fees to you marketing wallet. Marketing budget is very important for a project. Marketing generator provides continuesly growing marketing budget the project with this function and make the project more powerful.

    Reward Generator creates automatically divided fees from each transaction in contract add reflect them to holders as reward. Distribution of rewards to holders will provides a purpose to hold their tokens more due to passive income from reflections.

    Additionally ,holders have to hold a minimimum amount of token to receive reflection rewards and this function will push to holders to buy at least minimum amount token which is setted by project owner.

Benefits of Using MYCGenerator

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Our contracts are safe and secure.Simply could audit by any audit company

Instant Exchange

Earn in Exchange

Creators can earn from fees in each transaction of their contratcs with transfers also

World Coverage

World Coverage

Using Mycgenerator will bring more auidence by reflecting Myteamcoin .

Mobile Apps

Support Service

We keep inform and support anytime technical services to projects created from Mycgenerator

Strong Network

Flexible Fees

Fees and reflection ratios are flexible in the contracts.It could be change anytime on demand in Bscscan.

Margin Trading

Verify on Bscscan

Mycgenerator is automatically verify the conratcs on Bscscan. No need to verify additionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price token creation on MYCgenerator is very cheap and competitive to other places. MYCgenerator request just 0.1 BNB for usage and 0.02-0,05 BNB for blockchain transaction on Binance Smart Chain
It takes only 3 minutes for creation and also it is automatically verified on Binance Smart Chain .
There is no KYC involved in #MYCgenerator .Anyone can create their tokens. But we only support for KYC involved projects
We believe freedom on blockchain and want to help teams to manage their projects without any help. They do not need anyone and any service to manage their projects.
In the smart contracts (Tokens) produced in this system, Fees (Commissions, Taxes) are automatically deducted from each purchase, sale and transfer transaction and are divided into Liquidity, Marketing and Reward distribution, which are the three main elements that will ensure the success of the project. Thus, the project owner will be able to maximize his budget in a sustainable way without harming his supporters by not selling.
In the current transactions, Fee (Commission, Tax) can be arranged at the initial stage at the desired rate and can also be changed again according to the request of the project owner in the following times. It is completely flexible and can be rearranged or reset at any time in accordance with the needs of the project owner.
For investors who will be eligible to receive a reward that will also be distributed in the reward system, they must have a minimum token amount. For example, sending a reward to wallets that have a minimum value of 100 USD tokens. An important element will be the incentive for investors to buy tokens worth at least 100 USD, which will prevent them from winning prizes and squinting by constantly holding them in their hands.

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