My Campaigner

My Campaigner is a platform developed to meet the financial needs of sports teams.
Sports teams have fans who are naturally investors.
There are times when every sports club needs support for their investments.
At these times, instead of taking loans from banks, they can ask for the liquidity they need from their supporters by telling their projects.
These kinds of partnerships will increase the sense of loyalty of the fans, and instead of the interest burden that sports teams will pay, they can give their supporters back with gifts and points.

Campaing for

Sport Player Transfer

  • In today’s sports world, where competition is intense, one of the biggest factors in achieving success is the correct team planning and management.
  • Teams transfer athletes or recruit players from their infrastructure to revise their staff each term in order to achieve their goals.
  • Sometimes the transfer budget it has created to achieve the goals it has set may be insufficient.
  • In this case, for example, they can start a campaign to request support from their supporters and investors for all or part of the transfer budget they need.
  • Realizing the infrastructure and organization of this campaign on blockchain will be very low cost, fast and reliable.

Campaign for

Stadium Construction

  • One of the most important revenues of professional sports teams is stadium revenues. In this respect, stadiums are very important for sports clubs.
  • The quality, modernity of the service offered by sports team managements to their fans who come to support their teams increases the marketing of that stadium
  • As sports teams grow by achieving success , they need to undergo renovations or expansions to improve the capacity, quality, efficiency of their stadiums. Or existing stadiums are structurally in need of maintenance and repair every year . and it can be demolished and rebuilt for various reasons.
  • Since stadium construction costs are high, Sports clubs often try to meet their financing needs by taking out loans from banks.In this regard, they can present their existing projects to meet their financing needs and ask for support from their fans and investors.
  • In fact, by offering different project options, they can determine which stadium project to do with the voting system and allow the fans to have a say

Campaign for

Infrastructure Invest

  • Transfer is Today, Infrastructure is Future
  • No matter how talented young people you find, it is clear that if you cannot provide them with modern facilities, modern work opportunities and modern education opportunities, the desired results will not be achieved.
  • The scarcity of training facilities and the insufficient level of existing ones are due to the insufficient financial support given to the infrastructure.
  • For this, it is important to build new facilities, provide a modern working environment for the athletes in these facilities, increase the income of the club, increase the budget, establish an effective club management system, and manage the club with long-term planning.
  • However, sports clubs struggling with the economic crisis are staying away from making these investments due to their short-term success goals.
  • Fans and investors want their sports club to be successful more than anyone else. Sports clubs requesting support with campaign organization for the investments in this field could greatly contribute to their budget.