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What is Myteamcoin ?

Myteamcoin is a Blockchain Project consists four main elements which offer inclusive solutions to the global sports industry with innovative and revolutionary perspective. Please read the White Paper for more information.

Myteamcoin is a leading decentralized digital ecosystem platform that intents to integrate blockchain technology into the sports industry and fill the gaps of the global sports industry in this area. The aim is that the advantages of this new technology can be supported and easily accessible by everyone.

Myteamcoin aims to support blockchain technology and innovation to reach its targets by maximizing the economic gains of sports teams, sponsors, fans and investors in the sports industry. To reach this aim diversifying existing standards and economic model with using advantages of new generation blockchain technology will be our priority.


Our main goal is to increase the adoption of blockchain technology by every people around the world, integrate the crypto exchange specific to payment networks, e-commerce, logistics, reward programs and sports club tokens into the global sports industry with creating a pioneering advanced digital ecosystem.

Detail of Myteamcoin

Contract Code of MYC (Bep20) : 0x6180D382913e0585062336e5FD5E85cEc5ac6C78
Contract Code of MYC (Erc20) : 0xb8323CfAFb0E6CC60ce332f1181D56e91BA0D8BA