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decentralised prediction platform with guaranteed liquidity for millions of users. A defi prediction that includes: sports prediction, prediction market, P2P prediction on cryptocurrency rates and NFT collecting.

A few simple steps to get started

Connect Your  Metamask wallet

Deposit crypto supported  at the platform to its liquidity pool

Start playing!

How it works

Place bets on any sports matches by connecting your decentralized wallet in two clicks

Multichain games

Choice is always yours. Switch on your favorite chain and start betting in different cryptocurrency pools instantly

Current problems in betting

The existing betting tools are too complex for the average user, which requires a large amount of specific and up-to-date knowledge, such as interaction with pools, deposit liquidity, and mitigation of non-permanent losses

Centralization of companies

The likelihood of hacking and theft of funds

Lack of user keys

Lengthy withdrawal verification processes

Government bans




Blue update

This is the first public version of our product. In it, we will test the initial functionality of our platform on bets in the test network, after which we will go to the mainet.

This is the first public version of our platform. Here users will be able to test core functionality of Dexsport using Binance Smart Chain test network. After test period platform will be released at Main Network.


Brame team

#eSports #Players #Dota2

With their passion for gamification, Brame has found its perfect match in the world of the Esport. Driven by the collective’s philosophy to improve constantly and the willingness to stand in for the other team mate Brame has become one of the top Dota 2 teams in a very short time.



Digital Marketing professional with perfect understanding of Online Gaming. Over 13 years of in-depth experience in sports betting industry.
Eman Pulis is the founder of SiGMA Group, a global media and events company focussed on the gaming, digital health, digital marketing, and emerging tech sectors. SiGMA Group currently operates 4 vertical brands; SiGMA, AIBC, Med-Tech World, and AGS.
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